Reducing inequalities to face crises

Reducing inequalities to face crises: vulnerabilities and adaptation among smallholder farmers and fisher communities in Vietnam (RIV)

This project led by Steve Déry at Université Laval and  funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Canada aims to contribute to reducing socioeconomic inequalities through an increased understanding of the vulnerability of Vietnamese smallholder farmers and fishers at different scales. This includes integration of these local farmers and fishers into the global market, their transformations and adaptations, and their resilience. In fact, through this initial pilot project, we demonstrate the relevance of targeting vulnerabilities and adaptation to obtain an impact among small farmers and fishers, and open the political feasibility of implementing such a project at a larger scale.

The objectives of this project include: 

Co-investigator of RIV project are Lisa Hiwasaki (URI) and Nguyen Ngoc Thuy (Nong Lam University), and Han Truong Ngoc Le (URI) assists with the research.